USA - The South And Texas

Do you know the legendary Southern epics "Gone With The Wind" or "North And South" or the TV-Show "Dallas"?

Anyway, dive into a world of coziness, sparkling joie de vivre, swiniging jazz, dreamy landscapes and cowboy romance.

Start with me in the Olympic City of Atlanta. On the way to New Orleans you will visit the beautiful Charleston and Savannah as well as swampland with wild alligators.

As a contrast to this you will see the high-tech metropolises of Houston and Dallas in Texas, where you can also find large herds of cattle and a beautiful landscape at the Rio Grande close to the Mexican border.

Afterwards you will be a guest at Gracelands in Memphis, the home of Elvis, the King of rock 'n' roll.

The presentation of this panoramic Multivision-Show with 6 dissolving slide projectors, live commentary and many travel tips makes this presentation a very special event you will never forget.

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