Welcome to EAGLE-Productions!

What is "EAGLE-Productions"?

EAGLE-Productions is the brand name of the Multivision-Shows that I produce.

Multivision-Shows are very popular these days. One reason to explain this may be that so many people wish to travel the world. Multivision-Shows broaden horizons, help with travel planning, increase joyful anticipation and are, last but not least, an audiovisual event while combining different types of media with modern technology.

On this website I want to present to you the shows that I have produced. You will also have the opportunity to contact me.

You can book my shows for all types of events that you may have, they are very suitable for general assemblies, general meetings and of course as a means of promotion for travel or as a PR-Instrument.

Have fun on this website, I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Jürgen Brunner


West-Canada / Alaska


USA - The South And Texas


Canada - The East and Newfoundland


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